Ear nuts - the invisible closures for ear studs

In addition to the visible part of the ear stud, there is another very important part - the clasp. The closure of the ear stud is not visible at first glance and is hidden behind the earlobe. 

 Isn't the clasp just as important as the stud itself?

Absolutely! The clasp should ensure the good hold of our ear studs and be easy to handle. He should not press and hold for a long time. 

Why are there often sharp-edged ear studs made of thin material when there is an alternative? 

I am happy to recommend our large 10 mm diameter ear nuts to my customers for a good closure of their ear studs. The large and wide spring rings guide the ear stud pin well and retain their elasticity for a long time due to their size and material thickness. 

In addition to these fabulous features, our large ear nuts offer other wearing and handling advantages. Our large ear nuts are made in Germany and are nickel free.

Have you ever been bothered by pressure pain when wearing small earring clasps? 

Our large ear nuts offer a more comfortable distribution of pressure on the ear thanks to their larger contact surface and the wavy edge, and easy handling thanks to the large spring washers. 

Have your earlobes softened over time and are the studs tipping?

 - Because of the large bearing surface of the ear nuts, your ear studs will sit and be slightly lifted. 

Do your little ear stud clasps pinch? 

- Our large ear nuts relieve pressure on the ear. The pressure is distributed by the large contact surface and the wavy edge. 

Are your ear nuts no longer tight? 

 - Should the clamping force decrease after a longer period of use, you can tighten our ear nuts by pressing the spring washers together from the outside. So you can enjoy your ear nuts for a long time! 

Have you ever dropped an earring clasp and found it hard to find because it was so small? 

- Our large ear nuts are easy to spot. 

Are your ear nuts so small that you can't get a good grip on them? - It's easier with our big ear nuts. They are easy to hold on to the spring washers and slide onto the pin. 

 Treat yourself to our large ear nuts and order these ear nuts easily and quickly from Amazon Link or directly from www. LaCatella.de. 

Have a good time! 

Andrea from LaCatella